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Mission And Vision

At Mulberry Institute, our mission and vision stand front and centre

Our Mission

At Mulberry Institute , we aim to work with students, staff members and industry partners to deliver a strong and dynamic hospitality culture that is respectful and encourages a genuine commitment to excellence.

We aim to enable students and graduates who will make a positive and lasting contribution to the workplace and society.

Our Vision

The Mulberry Institute was founded with a vision to provide a high quality option at a reasonable price to students who are enthusiastic about hospitality. And to address a perception that that is currently mostly lacking. 

Our Values

The Mulberry Institute is an Australian private education provider, founded in 2020. The Mulberry Institute is based in Kogarah, in Sydney, and this location was deliberately chosen for its close proximity to ample local work experience opportunities for students that will enhance their learning, skills, experience, and their value to employers, and hence their employability. The location also benefits from being directly opposite a fast train line into the CBD of Sydney, and is in an area favoured by international students

Mulberry Institute’s founders have existing, strong links to the hospitality industry and strong values.

Mulberry Institute ’s ‘holistic’ (whole person) approach to education combines work and study and activities, is central to its programmes and success.

Mulberry Institute prepares graduates through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and insights, to serve as highly valued team members.  With integrity and passion for service, making a positive and lasting contribution to the workplace and society. The attributes they acquire are a consequence of their deep understanding of the dignity of the person.